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*Please note each gathering will explore a different focus. 

Scientifically speaking, we are energy…everything in the entire universe. When physical or mental ailments present themselves to us, it is typically an announcement that our energetic body needs tending to in order to truly heal. An imbalance in one of our centers can create a domino effect, blocking life flow to the rest.

When balanced in each center, we feel:

  • Root: Safe, secure, grounded, provided for, free of fear, accomplishment, peace
  • Sacral: Creative, abundant, healthy sex-drive, free of menstrual sickness/issues, balanced
  • Solar Plexus: knowing of our personal-power, confident, open, decisive, sense of wisdom
  • Heart: Unconditional love for OURSELVES and others, regardless of circumstance
  • Throat: Able to clearly speak your truth, safely, confidently and in love
  • Third-Eye: Confident in your inner knowing, connected to yourself and all life
  • Crown: Able to see past the human experience, awareness and connection to The Divine, truly embracing who you are on a Soul Level.

In these woman-centered chakra clearing gatherings, we will use the breath, focus and guided meditation to clear out traumas and staleness housed in our 7 energy centers, allowing us to create balance in our mind, body and spirit. All while holding space for ourselves and each other, fully supported in sisterhood.


  • Feel free to bring paper or your favorite journal. Pens are provided.
  • We suggest wearing something you feel comfortable to sit in whether jeans or workout clothes. Since we ask you to remove your shoes at the door, bring your favorite cozy socks or feel free to go barefoot. 
  • Space is limited so please rsvp by clicking the button below. 

Exchange: $15

Artwork by Debbie Barrow


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