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Intro to Shamanic Journeying

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Guided by Tracy Brooks of Soul Beckons

We all have access to the wisdom and guidance of the helping spirits. 

Many of us have been so disconnected from this birthright, through the stress and chaos of modern times. 

Oftentimes we just need a little support to dismantle what keeps us from exploring this missing piece, and seeking out our own unique connections. 

The Shamanic Journey is an ancient method of exploration that can be used by everyday people for personal growth and healing. Learning to communicate with your inner and spirit self and retrieving helpful information is a valuable skill. 

Join Tracy as she guides you through this life changing process. 


  • basic understanding of Shamanic Journeying

  • exploring the shamanic state of consciousness

  • the different spiritual worlds/realms

  • calling on helping guides/spirit guides/animal allies

  • difference between Shaman led journey and self led journey (and discerning when each is necessary)

  • setting up and undertaking one's very own journey (includes understanding and unraveling the most common blocks )

  • Support on your ongoing exploration.

PLEASE NOTE: This group is limited to 8 participants, so enough energy and attention can be given to each person. There will be opportunities to go deeper with both future groups and individual sessions. 




Earlier Event: October 13
Later Event: October 21
Women's Circle