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  • INTENT SPACE 327 11th Avenue NE St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 (map)

Guided by Christina Echevarria, Coach + Breathworker

"Let’s gather in community and harness the collective “fresh page” energy of the New Year through the transformational healing practice of Breathwork

In this safe container, you will use a simple and powerful breathing technique to relax the mind, enter a high-vibrational state of consciousness, move through energetic blocks and connect with the wisdom and guidance of your Higher Self.

Who is your Higher Self? Simply- your Higher Self is your connection to Divine intelligence. This is your inner being, your essence, your light. The energy of the Higher Self is experienced through intuition, wisdom, harmony, love and inspiration. When you are connected to and living as your Higher Self, you feel guided in your soul purpose and supported by the Universe!

Laying down and using a simple breathing pattern- one inhale into the belly, another inhale into the chest, and an exhale- you will enter into an altered state where deep healing can take place. After the active breathing, you will have time to relax deeply and expand into “receiving mode”- opening yourself to downloads, visions and guidance from your Higher Self."