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  • Intent Space 327 11th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL, 33701 United States (map)

Guided by Ashley Smith, we will be honoring the Ancient festival of Samhain, also known as the Celtic New Year. At Samhain, the veils between the seen and unseen worlds are the thinnest, making it one of the most magical days of the year.

Honoring the earth and the Goddess in the Wheel of the Year, we will lean into the inner pulling of the incoming darker season. At this time the connections to our ancestors are the strongest, as are the nudges to release the old, to incubate the new. Listening to the changing rhythms of both the seasons and our bodies, we can honor and nourish ourselves.

Our ritual will include connecting to the wise Crone Goddess, creating our altar, opening the sacred field and welcoming our Priestess energy. Moving through the power of both death and rebirth, we will set the stage for the slower inner focus and integration of the upcoming months.

Come in black, if you feel inspired to and please bring an item for the altar (will be returned to you afterwards).

Exchange : $33