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The Power of Love: Fourth Chakra Playshop

  • intent Space 605 34th ave N saint petersburg United States (map)

"The Way is not in the sky.  The way is in the heart."
-  Buddha 

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE ~ this playshop was originally set for April 14th, now rescheduled due to illness.

Although we are born with an innate capacity to love it can take a lifetime to tap into love’s full power. As we go though life many of our challenges arise from our limits in love’s fluency. Life may bring us heartbreak, betrayal. loss and pain. When these are not given free expression and release we can develop blocks and limits in our heart chakra.

This playshop will dive into the many ways we restrict our heart chakra as well as ways we can release and expand this integral center. Now more than ever our open hearts are called on.

Guided by Tracy Brooks

What to expect:

-recognizing and dismantling our blocks to love, both with ourself and others/ how the aches of grief, abandonement and betrayal can lodge themselves in our bodies

-letting our broken hearts grow bigger vs. shutting them down/finding and practicing forgiveness, especially with ourselves

-exploring the ways this chakra is the integration point of the upper and lower chakras

-breathing into our heart center/opening our heart center/freeing our heart center through both movement and stillness

-guided journey to self compassion

Some things to know:

-Please wear comfortable clothing

-Please bring a favorite journal if desired (we will provide paper &pen)

-Please bring a small object for our collective altar if desired (you will bring back home with you)

EXCHANGE: $22.00


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Later Event: May 19
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