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  • Intent Space 327 11th Avenue NE St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 (map)


Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and now drop into the place on your body about 2 inches below your belly button, your navel center. When you bring your awareness to this energy center, what do you notice? How does it feel? Is the energy strong or weak? Do you notice a color or temperature at this point? Become aware. Now zoom out and take inventory of the overall energy of You.

Do you feel exhausted, like you’re literally leaking energy? Are you experiencing a lack of focus, direction, and inspired action for your deepest dreams? Are you moving towards the things you truly desire in this life?

Across many spiritual traditions we will find an emphasis on the navel point as the storehouse of our personal power, with an encouragement to rest in and move from this center point (the literal center point of gravity within the physical body).

Yogi Bhajan teaches that the activation of the Kundalini and all personal energy begins at the navel center. He teaches that when we are balanced and living in harmony, our life force consolidates at the navel, flows into the auric field and then back into each energy center of the body. This harmonious flow creates a profound inner and outer radiance and contributes to vibrant health.

To not only experience our Soul, our destiny, our fullest expression, but to have the courage, stamina, and will to bring that expression forward in its truest form, we must have a strong navel center.


Together we will...

  • explore and utilize the teachings of kundalini yoga on the navel center as the point of our personal power, our true identity

  • activate and harmonize this center through mantra, mudra, dynamic movement, and guided meditation

  • explore the places in our lives where we have given our personal power away, consciously and unconsciously

  • support ourselves in recalling and reclaiming our personal power

  • experience deeply a sense of inner wholeness and victory!

  • receive tools to enhance our daily lives through simple take away practices


Ashley Smith is a Priestess of Avalon in training with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in Glastonbury, U.K., a gifted spiritual healer,  sacred transformational ceremonialist, and humble teacher of the profound technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Inspired by the resilience and radiance of the human Soul, Mother Nature and the practice of seeing the world through the eyes of Love, Ashley aspires to be a grounded and authentic vessel for Spirit in all of her work.

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