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Rose Medicine: A Healing Experience for Womxn.

Rose Medicine is a healing experience for womxn guided by Christina Echevarria, Transformational Mentor + Breathworker.

Roses hold the highest vibration of any flower on Earth, and will be called upon as a plant spirit ally to assist your process of blossoming and connecting to your inner wholeness. The medicine of the Rose has been prized for thousands of years. She supports us in remembering our own grace, beauty, sensuality, Divinely-timed unfolding, and embodiment of our dark and our light, our petals and thorns.

In this beautiful ceremonial experience, you will first be led through gentle embodiment exercises and a meditative journey to connect to the sacred body temple spaces of the heart and womb. Moving into a state of deep relaxation, you will be anointed with rose essential oils and fresh roses will be placed onto your body.

You will then be guided through a special Breathwork session, focusing on healing, clearing and activating the heart and womb. After the active breathing, you will be held by the energy of the group in a space of deep surrender and openness to receive all that is meant for you in the moment.

Expect to emerge feeling refreshed, empowered, and in communion with your inner radiance.