WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THE WORD "HEALING"?  When we use the word “healing,” we are referring to Wholeness—a union of mind, body, and spirit. Healing in this way means coming coming back to a state of harmony and does not necessarily mean curing or fixing. 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY CONSCIOUS OR MINDFUL MOVEMENTS? At Intent Space what we are referring to are specific movements that are meant to be simple but effective and to optimize the movement of energy through the body and essentially, to support you in feeling better. Sometimes we move in ways that are energizing. Sometimes we move in ways meant to release tension held in our bodies and minds. We believe in moving and working smarter not necessarily harder. 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY BREATHWORK OR PRANAYAMA? At Intent Space you will notice that most classes include a combination of movement, meditation and breath work (pranayama). There are many different types of pranayama or breath practices in yoga. We can use breath practices to change our energy level, to boost our mood, and to overcome stress. Altering your breath pattern can immediately change your emotional state.

Breath is a powerful tool to shape our perception of the present moment. Once we learn how to use the breath to stay peaceful, our lives begin to flow more smoothly. Over time with consistent practice, science has shown that we can re-wire our brains and let go of old stressful habits. 

WHAT IS SOUND HEALING & WHY ARE ITEMS SUCH AS CRYSTAL BOWLS, CHIMES, HIMALAYAN SINGING BOWLS, PERCUSSION DRUMS USED IN SOME CLASSES?  The practice of using sound as a tool for transformation is by no means new. We are “vibration-sensing sound beings”; in other words, we are made up of vibrating atoms (sound), as is everything around us. For better or worse, we hear, feel and interact with sounds every day that affect us mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

One proven way sound affects us is by altering our brain waves through entrainment, the natural process of things falling into step. Specific sounds can help us down-shift from our day-to-day, alert beta brain wave state to the relaxed consciousness of alpha, the meditative quality of theta, or the deep, regenerative sleep of delta. The frequencies produced by Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, voice, drums, gongs, and tuning forks all encourage this kind of brain wave entrainment.

We can also use our own sound to help soothe us. Another way sound is known to work on the body is through the vagus nerve, which starts in the brain just behind the ears and connects to all of the body’s major organs. Since it directly stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system—the “rest and digest” versus the sympathetic or “fight or flight” mode—the vagus nerve is key to a healthy system. Soothing sounds, and particularly our own voice in the form of humming, send a message of calm via the vagus nerve and act as a fast track to the body’s relaxation response.

WHAT ARE MANTRAS + HOW ARE THEY USEFUL?  Chanting a mantra either silently or out loud is a method of directing the mind through sound. Essentially a mantra is a sound wave that creates a specific effect within you, one you can feel and test out for yourself. 

The science of mantra is based upon the understanding that you can project a specific form of energy through the mind and have a definite, predictable effect upon the physiology of the human body, energy body and human psyche. Each mantra is like a mathematical formula.  It creates a measurable end.  It can alter the patterns and chemistry of the brain (with both physical and metaphysical effects).  Even places like Harvard and UCLA have been able to measure a physical effects of mantra meditation on 

Other Benefits of Mantras: Mantra meditation has been shown to not only support the nervous system but also balance the endocrine system, normalizing hormone production, which balances our moods and overall sense of well-being. 

WHAT ARE MUDRAS AND WHY DO WE USE THEM? A mudra is a hand position that in the yogic tradition is said to guide energy flow in a particular way. 


GYAN MUDRA: Forefinger and Thumb touch for Wisdom

SHUNI MUDRA: Middle finger and Thumb touch for Patience

RAVI MUDRA: Ring Finger and Thumb touch for Energy

BUDDHI MUDRA: Pinky Finger and thumb touch for Intuition

PRAYER POSE: Palms together at chest for Centering