evolve well with DANIELLE


Danielle McCourt is the founder of Evolve Well and is our in-house health and wellness educator and advisor and is available for private sessions. She offers one-on-one wellness coaching, yoga, meditation, personal fitness training and small group sessions.

Danielle says, "I believe everyone should feel good and live happy. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.  I work with each person to create a custom and unique program that aligns with their intentions. I hold a safe space, free of judgement, so we can explore what’s important to you in creating a healthy and happy lifestyle. I’ll help guide you and provide you with valuable tools and resources. Whether you want to lose weight, find more clarity, ignite your passions, manage stress, or a little of everything, this custom coaching experience will set a strong foundation to help get you to that happy place where you can thrive."

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Evolve Well: Healthy Body

6 Week Women’s Group Coaching Program

My intention for the Evolve Well: HEALTHY BODY coaching program is to bring together a group of women that want to feel good in their bodies, create healthier habits and gain back their confidence.

Group coaching offers a safe space for women to come together to inspire, support and elevate each other.

Together we’ll explore individual challenges, create sustainable and realistic goals, find compassion for ourselves, overcome roadblocks, demystify nutrition theories, discover how other lifestyle habits are impacting our body health, feel good again, and connect back to our joy.