Marie Kondo + Our INternal Spaces

Marie Kondo's RULE #1

"Commit yourself to tidying up".

This is not only relevant to our physical spaces but also to our internal spaces. 
Intentionally keeping our internal relationship primary is essential to our well-being.
How are you tending to, tidying and caring for your emotional, mental and heart space?

In this year of action and bringing visions and dreams into reality it's essential that we make room for what we are desiring. Clear out and tidy your consciousness, your mind, your communication, your sources of tension, your spaces. It's time to clear your inboxes in all ways. 

What are the strategies, structures, and practices that you are implementing and will continue to practice this year? 

Commit to "tidying up" and clarifying yourself and notice what shows up in your life. 

tania welch