Trust. Worth. Do you trust your worth? 

If you are not trustworthy to yourself, you will not be trustworthy to anyone else. 

We are all leaders in some capacity whether in our homes, with our families, our environment, our work. To lead by example from a place of steadiness, compassion, courage, right action will bring you great success. However, cultivating, projecting, and leading from a place of TRUSTWORTH, I believe, will bring you great happiness.

When you grow and embody trustworthiness, you are telling the world that you trust and value yourself and your worth. When you can trust yourself positivity flows and you become radiant, magnetic, someone that people can trust. You are no longer hustling (a sign of a lack of trust in yourself), or trying to convince people of this or that. People will naturally gravitate towards what you have to offer. 

So how do we cultivate trustworth?

Be meticulous with your word, your discipline, and with whom and what you value most. Take time daily to get quiet, to go beyond the limit of the body and mind. It's in this space where we can connect to that part of ourselves where clarity and the truth of who we are resides...

the you that is inherently worthy, and valuable just for being YOU. 

In loving service,

tania welch