Hello & Welcome.

I am Tania Welch…mama, yoga & wellness teacher, and founder of Indobay Living and Intent Space.

My life, as I know it now, began after a great tragedy. In the early hours of  September 29th, 2003 I learned that my husband had been killed in a car accident. Life as I once knew and recognized suddenly became unrecognizable and unbearable. I was 32 years old, mama to an 18-month old little boy and I was now a widow. As l limped through my days it became quite clear to me that I had a decision to make...either be defeated or live the life I imagined with courage, intention, and great joy! 


How it began.

A virtual soul space which I named indobay became an expression of my journey from grief and uncertainty to resilience, and deep, soul happiness derived from living a creative, intentional and simple life aligned with what mattered most. Living within the spirit of indobay helped me to re-connect with myself, pay exquisite attention to my life and my choices and navigate into the best life for myself and my little man. 


Indobay is a way of living and a "state of mind" that embraces and passionately advocates internal wellness through the practice of simple, intentional living, yoga, and fierce soul-care.  It is a nourishing space for mind, body and soul.

What's next? 

I have rekindled a love affair with my "medicine", my soul's purpose. I had been bringing it all to my family and now I am ready to EXPAND in all directions and bring it to the world.  A fire has been lit! 

In December, 2017, Intent Space, a conscious space to gather, was born. Intent Space exists to support folks in easefully transitioning to a more intentional life. Through simple conscious movement, meditation, self-care practices, inspired events, ritual and ceremony I hope to cultivate experiences that support a true sense of well-being; simply, sincerely and sustainably.

In loving service,

Tania Welch