the essential self sessions

invitING YOU back home to your HIGHEST POTENTIAL




$122 (includes session, personalized self-practice, follow up check-ins)

A 75-minute session held virtually or in-person at Intent Space to create space for connection, clarity and creativity.

The most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourSelf. This relationship is primary. All other relationships will benefit from you being boldly your most elevated Self.

When we are able to connect with ourselves, and better understand our patterns, behaviors, deepest desires and needs we can then use these insights to take simple, practical and sustainable steps towards creating our very best lives!

During these sessions, I will hold a safe and nurturing space for you as we discover what it is you are working through, identify areas of your life where you would like support in moving towards more clarity, expansion, growth and how you desire to feel.

It would be my honor to bring my over 25+ years of combined academic, spiritual and personal education, practice and inquiry to our 1-on-1 sessions. Much of my guidance will come from my educational background in Psychology, in combination with belief change modalities, energy work and teachings from ancient sciences such as Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.

You will also receive (after our session):

  • a personalized simple AND sustainable self-practice which includes tools and support that are best for your specific journey

  • a follow up email or call (whichever you prefer) one week following our session

  • a follow up email or call approximately 40 days following our initial session

Image Credit: Kait Clarke of  Kait Clarke Creative

Image Credit: Kait Clarke of Kait Clarke Creative

These sessions support…

  • clarity, empowerment, focus and self-confidence

  • activating your highest potential

  • sharing rituals, resources, references and simple tools related to your identified areas of focus with the intention of encouraging self-reflection and inspired action

  • cultivating a creative boost

  • sound-boarding and support for those who are in the process of expanding on a vision, or a dream.

  • finding more ease and clarity in a time of transition

  • a supportive and nurturing space to be seen and heard


What if I’m interested but I have no idea what I need or want. Is this session for me?

Most definitely! You may not know why something like this might be calling you. But, if it is there is a reason. I gently encourage you to listen to that internal pull and give your inner guidance a go.


YES. *additional sessions are 45 mins at $55 per session.


Clicking below will take you to a form where you will be asked to answer a few short questions regarding areas in which you would like to focus so that we can best utilize our time together.


If you have any questions at all please reach out to me at or contact me (I personally answer all emails), and I will be happy to assist you. 



Please email me at or call/text me at 407-301-1800 to cancel appointments at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. All appointments missed or not cancelled within this time frame will be charged in full.



Venmo, PayPal, Major Credit Cards. 

*Payment is due before session. You will receive a payment link at time of scheduling.





Simple, Sincere and Sustainable tools and practices to guide you back towards a sense of your innate wholeness.

Together let’s rediscover and uncover the truth of who you are, your unique gifts and talents, and support you in gaining clarity around what matters most, what I call your "Soul-Essentials" navigating you in the direction of your true nature.

human design

A practical, modern, SELF-DISCOVERY tool to better understanding yourself and how you function.

Think of human design as a How-To manual for our soul's journey on the planet; a “peek' at your soul's contract with the universe. Human design helps you understand why you operate the way you do. It helps you reconnect to your true nature that is buried under layers of social conditioning. 

Human Design is an emotional, energetic and psychological analysis that utilizes a number of systems. It's a marriage of ancient wisdoms such as astrology, the I' Ching, the Chakra system and Kabbalah's Tree of Life as well as more comtemporary sciences such as biochemistry, quantum physics, genetics and astronomy. It's not a religion or a belief system but simply a tool. 


kundalini Yoga + meditation

A perfect compliment to Human Design.

Working with Kriyas (exercises), dynamic breath work, Mantras (sound) and meditation we have the opportunity to bring ourselves into a more elevated state of consciousness, clearing our subconscious mind and amplifying the de-conditioning process that is a vital part of Human Design.

When we are able to clear the subconscious mind we then move closer and closer to our authentic selves and can navigate life with more ease, confidence and joy.