We offer a small, curated selection of on-going classes. Classes are focused on a specific intention to help you create a more customizable experience.

We also offer healing modalities that include; private treatments, workshops, gatherings and events.


(click here for explanation of specific terms + practices used in many of our classes)




TUESDAYS @ 7:15-8:30 PM

Guided by Ashley Smith

An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, that may be a little different than what you may have experienced at your gym or local yoga studio.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates physical postures, a lot of breath work, and meditation.

Benefits of this practice include building physical vitality and flexibility as well as flexibility of the mind and emotional states.Kundalini yoga techniques balance hormones, banish anxiety and boosts creativity.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or brand new to the practice, I sincerely encourage you to have an experience of Kundalini Yoga for yourself. It will add depth to your existing practice and to your life.




FRIDAYS @9:15-10:15 AM

Nia is..movement medicine for the soul.

Nia combines the expressiveness of dance, the power of martial arts and the body awareness of the healing arts. It is practiced barefoot to a variety of soul-stirring music, stimulating and integrating your mind, body emotions and spirit.

Nia is based on creating a loving relationship with the body by following The Body's Way- the innate intelligence of the body, making it adaptable and safe for any fitness level.

Come step into your own joyful journey with Nia and positively shape the way you look, feel, think and live. Nia will move you!


  • open to all abilities.

  • no previous dance experience required.


FRIDAYS @6-6:45 PM

Guided by Danielle McCourt

Be rejuvenated and restored after a full week. 

Receive guidance as you move through gentle postures to help open the body, increase body awareness, improve mobility, and ease tension and symptoms related to chronically tight muscles, stress and tension. 

Benefits May include: 

  • Pain relief

  • Increased flexibility + mobility

  • Support for individuals with a fast-paced life

  • Relief from Stress and Anxiety

  • Support for athletes or those with strong physical activity

A perfect end to a busy week!

45 minutes



mindful Yoga + Meditation

MONDAYS @7:15-8:00 pM

Guided by Danielle McCourt

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and connection to the beauty, radiance and wisdom of what lies within.

This Hatha style yoga practice offers you space to breathe (pranayama practices), move (asana) and meditate (dhyana). This mindful practice emphasizes self care, and students are guided to listen and respond to the wisdom of their own body and wellbeing.


  • BREATHE - The breath offers many benefits: it enhances our strength and willpower; it helps calm physical and mental tension; it brings us into a more aware and present space; it guides the energetic effects of the poses; and more. Pranayama techniques and breath awareness will be present in each class. 

  • MOVE - This is a full body practice offering some feel good gentle movements, a touch of strength and balance, full body openers and softening postures. 

  • MEDITATE - We’ll continue the journey inwards with mindful meditation practices and techniques. 

  • MORE: Other yoga practices may be explored: mantras, mudras, pranic energy, mindfulness and more. 

Who is this practice for?

  • Anyone who is looking to create a simple, sincere and effective practice.

  • This class is wonderful for someone new to yoga + meditation and is seeking some guidance as well as a seasoned practitioner.

  • Anyone who'd like to feel more ease and a sense of well-being.

45 minutes




Guided by Christina Echevarria

Designed to help you to optimize mind, body, and spirit to experience a sense of ease, well-being and vitality.

Christina will guide you through a two-part Pranayama Breathwork Meditation taught by her teacher, David Elliott.


There are many variations to Pranayama yoga breathing, but the essential technique you will experience is…

Laying down on your back, and breathing deeply through your mouth for a while. (There are two stages in the inhale — once into the stomach and once more into the chest before you exhale through the mouth.)

The way it works…it gets the energy moving through your body and helps your mind settle down. It stimulates the energy meridians in your body, and helps you release stagnant energy in different parts of your energy field. Most people feel the effects of the breathing viscerally in their body and energy within minutes.

One benefit of an ‘active meditation’ practice is it really helps you let go of the mental activity since you have something to focus on.

45 minutes